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Spincraft Machine Foundation - Steel Sheet Piling w/Pipe Struts (New Berlin, WI)

Spincraft     Spincraft     Spincraft     Spincraft

Spincraft     Spincraft     Spincraft     Spincraft


The Spincraft Machine Foundation project consisted of providing a fully enclosed Earth Retention Structure to allow for the excavation of the foundation for Spin Craft's new spinning lathe machine. Steel Sheet Piling was the system selected to complete this project. External walers with two pipe struts provided enough lateral bracing to maintain the 10'-6" deep excavation. This work was completed using our CAT 336 backhoe with a Movax SPX 100 Vibratory Hammer.




 Platteville Downtown Library Block - Soldier Piles & Lagging w/Tiebacks (Platteville, WI)

Platteville Library     Platteville Library     Platteville Library     Platteville Library

Platteville Library     Platteville Library     Platteville Library     Platt1




777 N. Van Buren Street - Steel Sheet Piling w/Tieback Anchors (Milwaukee, WI)

NML1     NML2     NML     NML

NML      NML     NML     NML

NML     NML     NML     NML 


The Northwestern Mutual Life project required a temporary Earth Retention System to support the excavation for the new Northwestern Mutual Life office building in downtown Milwaukee, WI. MDF&E's solution was to provide a Steel Sheet Piling wall on all four sides of the excavation. For three of the sides, we utilized one row of Hollow-Bar Tieback Anchors to assist in handling the lateral earth pressures. On the North end we utilized a second row with a waler to help support the additional load from the Whiskey Bar property. The installation of the Steel Sheet Piling was done with an ABI Rig. The Tieback Anchors were installed with our Klemm 806-4 Hydraulic Drill Rig.




Marquette University Valley Field Dome - Micropiles (Milwaukee, WI)

Valley Field     Valley Field     Valley Field     Valley Field

Valley Field     Valley Field     Valley Field     Valley Field



The Marquette University Vally Field Dome project consisted of installing Micropiles to help hold down a new dome over the athletic field to allow for practices in the Winter. MDF&E installed 166 Micropiles around the perimeter of the field. They were installed with an average length of 80'-0" and at a batter of 30º from vertical. Proof tests were performed on 5% of the production piles. These Micropiles were installed using our Klemm 806-4 Hydraulic Drill Rig.




Milwaukee Regional Medical Center Thermal Distribution - Soldier Piles & Lagging w/Internal Bracing




The Milwaukee Regional Medical Center project consisted of installing Soldier Piles & Lagging to shore the 30' tall excavation. Internal bracing was utilized with beams spanning across the excavation to help support the lateral earth pressures. The Solider Piles were installed using our Soil Mech SR-30 drill rig.