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Carroll University Science Building - Soldier Piles & Lagging / Underpinning & Soil Nailing (Waukesha, WI)

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Carroll University     Carroll University

 The Carroll University Science Building project consisted of a Soldier Pile & Lagging wall as well as Underpinning & Soil Nailing of the existing Lowry Hall. Carroll University's old science building was demolished and the new building was constructed in its place. MDF&E's solution to this project was to provide a 3-sided Soldier Pile & Lagging wall that tied into the existing Lowry Hall. We then used a combination of Helical Piers w/Underpinning Brackets & Soil Nailing to support the existing building for the duration of the excavation. The Soldier Piles were installed using our Soil Mech SR-30 drill rig. Helical Piers were installed using our John Deere 27 ZTS Excavator using a Pengo MDS 12K 12,000 ft-lbs torque head. And the Soil Nails were installed using our Ingersol-Rand ECM-350 Rock Drill.


University of Wisconsin - Madison Dayton Street Utility Upgrades - Soldier Piles & Lagging (Madison, WI)

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